ythm is an audio journal of contemporary poetry. The title is drawn from the work of Nathaniel Mackey, who writes in his preface to Splay Anthem of utterances that live on as “echo and rearticulation, riff and recontextualization, alteration and reconception…the word for this is ythm (clipped rhythm, anagrammatic myth).”

Our premise is that the spoken voice is central to both the praxis and appreciation of contemporary poetry. In the American tradition, this has been true of the hymns, songs and chants that produced Walt Whitman’s “hum of your valved voice,” Emily Dickinson’s “Sequence ravelled out of Sound,” Langston Hughes’s “tom-tom of revolt.” ythm seeks to create a space in which the boundaries between traditions can be put into contact, where sound traverses language and culture.

The first issues follow the structure of Call and Response, a form used in musical traditions throughout the world, including in the African American traditions of jazz, blues, gospel, and hip hop. Caller is in red.

For each issue we will also produce a podcast that edits together and introduces the contributions.

PODCASTS Soundcloud - ythm journal
SUBMISSIONS [email protected]
EDITOR Sean Pears
GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGN: Kirk Markarian

Thanks to Jake Reber & George Life for editorial assistance. Thanks to Jared Arnold for assistance in sound editing. Thanks to Dan Stalcup for assistance with coding. Thanks also to Steve McCaffery, Dennis Tedlock, and the SUNY Buffalo English department and Poetics Program for their support.